Accessing the Vizzly Query Engine

There are multiple ways to control access to the Vizzly Query Engine, such as using a username / password combination, the Vizzly CLI and integrating authentication into the Vizzly identity logic using the "Query Engine Access Token".

Option 1 - Username & password combination

Navigate to the URL where your query engine is deployed, if required you will be asked to sign in.

You will need to use the email address linked to your (opens in a new tab) account, and a password set by the Vizzly Query Engine admin who provisioned the Query Engine, or the password you subsequently changed it too.

Option 2 - The Vizzly CLI

From the same directory as your private key (vizzly-private.pem), you can use the Config Manager CLI command to open the Config Manager.

vizzly config-manager --project-id "<<Your project ID>>" --queryEngineEndpoint "<<your query engine endpoint>>"

Option 3 - Identity logic, Query Engine Access Token.

If you are using the advanced functionality of the identity logic to sign a query engine access token for user accounts who are also members of your organisation, you can sign-in to the query engine from the embedded dashboard itself. A Vizzly admin bar and button labeled "Config Manager" will appear across the top of the dashboard.