Parent & child dashboards

Parent and child dashboards

What are parent dashboards?

A parent dashboard is a dashboard that you own as an organization. It is used to derive one or more child dashboards for your users. Only you as the organization should have access to modify your parent dashboards by setting the accessType property to "admin" in your identity logic, or clicking the "edit dashboard" button on the "dashboards" page of your project and entering the URL where your dashboard is embedded.

How do I edit parent dashboards?

What are child dashboards?

Child dashboards are derived from parent dashboards and are permanently associated with them. They are owned by your users, and once created they are in full control of it.

What does this mean for my users?

Choose from the various distribution strategies, and Vizzly will take care of the rest.

Can I have more than one parent dashboard?

Yes! You can create multiple parent dashboards and set the parentDashboardId property on the dashboard so that the correct parent dashboard is used. If you do not specify a parentDashboardId, then your "oldest" parent dashboard will be used which is typically the one we have created on your account when you signed up.

You can create multiple parent dashboards on the dashboards page (opens in a new tab) on your account.

Can a user own multiple child dashboards?

Yes! Each of your users can own many child dashboards. You manage your user's dashboard using our services logic.