Query Engines
Amazon Web Services

Deploy Vizzly on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS offers multiple products to run containers in the cloud, which are all supported by Vizzly. Some examples include;

AWS Query Engine URI


AWS Lambda Image

Vizzly supports running the Query Engine on a lambda using the following docker image;


To run this on lambda, you will need to build the image and release it to your private ECR repository in the same AWS region as the lambda function you want to run.

An example Dockerfile is

FROM ghcr.io/vizzly-co/query-engine-lambda:latest

Installing the Vizzly config

Upon startup, the Vizzly query engine can be configured to install the config from various sources.

You can set environment variables to install the Vizzly config from public or private github repositories.


The VIZZLY_CONFIG_GITHUB_REPO environment variable is required, and specifies the organisation and name of the repository to search in for the Vizzly config in the format

<<organisation>>/<<repository name>>

For example, you might set



The VIZZLY_CONFIG_GITHUB_PATH environment variable is required and specifies the path from the base directory of the repository, to the vizzly config file. For example, you might set



The VIZZLY_CONFIG_GITHUB_TOKEN variable is an optional GitHub access token, but it is required if your repository is private.

Loading secrets

To load secret passwords as environment variables, Vizzly integrates with AWS Secrets Manager. Use the VIZZLY_AWS_SECRETS_MANAGER_SECRET_ID environment variable to store a JSON-formatted string of environment variables.