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Setup Config File

Setting up the Vizzly Config

The Vizzly config contains information about the connection to your database, and defines the data sets to make available to your users.

To make this process simple, we'll use the Vizzly CLI.

Install the Vizzly CLI

npm i @vizzly/cli -g

Create the private & public certificates

vizzly create-key-pair

Create the Vizzly config file

vizzly init-config -i postgres

Use SQL to build your data set

Manually specifying all the fields to make available in your data set can be a time consuming and error-prone exercise. This is why the data-set-from-sql Vizzly command exists, and converts a basic SQL statement into the Vizzly data set format that you can copy into your Vizzly config.

vizzly data-set-from-sql -i postgres \
-s \
'SELECT Orders.OrderID, Customers.CustomerName, Orders.OrderDate
FROM Orders
INNER JOIN Customers ON Orders.CustomerID=Customers.CustomerID;'

You can then copy the JSON output that represents a Vizzly data set into the dataSets array in your Vizzly config file. Remember, after making changes to the config file, we recommend validating the config by running;

vizzly validate
Last updated on December 22, 2022