Feature Toggles

Feature toggles

Vizzly "feature toggles" allow you to control the user's experience of the dashboard. This enables you to tailer the Vizzly experience to your users. For example using feature toggles you could provide a completely static dashboard, or one without the component library and only allow users to create "standalone" components directly on the dashboard.


Feature toggles are provided through the featureToggles property in the React component. Below is a list of values which you have control over.

    showGlobalFilters: boolean;
    canEditComponentLibrary: boolean;
    canUseCalculatedFields: boolean;
    canUseComponentLibrary: boolean;
    canCreateStandaloneComponents: boolean;
    canDownloadComponentData: boolean;
    canEditComponentsOnDashboard: boolean;
    canRemoveComponentsFromDashboard: boolean;
    canConfigureLocalFilters: boolean;
  // ... other props - see https://docs.vizzly.co/dashboard

Property explanations


Do you want your users to see the global filters?


Can your users edit components in the component library?


Can your users configure calculated fields based off the data you make available to them?


Do you want to enable the component library feature of Vizzly?


Can your users create standalone components, which are independent from the component library?


Can your users download the data that powers each of the components on the dashboard?


Can your users edit components which have been added to the dashboard? This is useful if you want to provide a static dashboard.


Can your users remove components from the dashboard? This is useful if you want to provide a static dashboard.


Can your users modify the local filter set on each of the components?

Last updated on December 22, 2022