Access type

Access type

The access type is set to either admin or standard on the identity config, which is securely signed using the private key on your servers.

If the value is set to admin, the user will be able to modify your organisation's parent dashboards. If the value is set to standard, then the user will not be able to modify the parent dashboards and will instead have read access to the parent dashboard, and optionally a child dashboard can be created by cloning the parent dashboard.

When should I set the access type to admin?

Generally speaking, you should only set the access type to admin when the user is a member of your organisation who you allow to manage the dashboards that your users will first see.

For example, for the dashboards managed in our own application here at Vizzly, we only set the access type to admin for users who are members of our team, which we know by inspecting a boolean value stored on each account.