Vizzly Query Engine
Dynamic data structure or DB connection

Running the Vizzly Query Engine in a dynamic data or single-tenant environment

For some SaaS platforms, user data has been partitioned into separate databases for additional security, or perhaps each user has their own completely dynamic data structures.

These characteristics can make building a first class analytics experience really difficult, but this is where Vizzly can help!

Vizzly allows the connection credentials and/or the data set config to be provided in requests to the Vizzly Query Engine. This information will be added by a "smart proxy" layer implemented on your servers. This provides you the opportunity to customise the config or the connection credentials per-request.

Smart proxy architecture with Vizzly

To run Vizzly in a dynamic mode, the connection credentials and/or the config must be added to the request before they reach the Vizzly Query Engine.

This means pointing the queryEngineEndpoint property to your servers, to add the connection and/or config value to the request before forwarding it on to the Vizzly Query Engine.

Learn more about how to implement the smart proxy here

Sequence diagram