Query Engines
Config manager

Self-hosted config manager

The config manager helps you build the Vizzly config. It connects to your database and provides a list of all the fields available across all tables in your database that you can use to build your Vizzly data sets.

Opening the Config Manager

There are two different ways of accessing the config manager. If you haven't yet set up the identity config, then you should use the Vizzly CLI method.

1. Via the Vizzly CLI

From the same directory as your private key, you can use the Config Manager CLI command to open the Config Manager.

vizzly config-manager --queryEngineEndpoint "<<your query engine endpoint>>"

For full usage information, see the Config Manager CLI command docs.

2. Via the dashboard

Once you have set up the identity config on your servers, you can generate a Query Engine Access token, with the "allow database schema access" value set to true.

You should be careful to only set this value to true for the accounts of your engineering and product teams because it will allow the user to access the schema of your database.

This will then display a button labeled "Config Manager", that appears next to the dashboard embed and will open the config manager.