Get started

Get started

The fastest way to get setup with Vizzly, is to follow our interactive guide (opens in a new tab) after signing in to your account. It will guide you through setting up the Vizzly query engine, the identity logic and the React embed.

The steps

Implementation can be broken down into 5 steps which typically takes 1.5 days of developer time in total.

  1. Setup the Vizzly CLI.
  2. Define the data sets for your users.
  3. Deploy to your chosen cloud provider.
  4. Code the identity logic with support from our SDKs.
  5. Copy & paste the React component into your project!

Optional extras

Once you have the basics setup, then you can start enhancing the implementation by customizing the dashboard to fit into your application, and making performance upgrades to improve the overall experience!

Last updated on December 21, 2022